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To this day, you hear many things about hypnosis that answering the question about what it exactly is isn’t as simple as it seems. With people who practice hypnosis, they define this method as something that helps them cure the phobias and addictions of their patients. You can say that there are many cases of people suffering from phobias and addictions that get treated with the use of hypnosis. Even so, you benefit a lot from hypnosis that reveals so much more about you in more ways than you can imagine.

If you want to understand hypnosis better, you should take note of another baffling concern that most people have about the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012. A lot of people thought that this was the end of the world because even the Mayans themselves cannot see what is coming ahead of them. However, they still did see beyond this point. According to experts, the Mayans go through spiritual evolvement. As this happens, their civilization as a whole transcended to the next dimension. Even if their calendar ended on this date in the year 2012, they were able to see what would become the next major event in the coming years after this day. This major event is the shifting of consciousness of the world to the next dimension.
On the same date, the winter solstice also happened. Because of fear, people immediately interpreted the end of the Mayan calendar and the solstice as a combination of doom. And yet, this is far off from the truth. You have to understand, though, that this date is the beginning of a new future for all mankind that should not be feared by celebrated. The world will not be taken down. The people evolve with the world. People have the power to create their own reality, and you can change reality.
People will eventually ascend to another dimension as they raise their consciousness as well as the frequency and vibration of their bodies. When you reach another dimension, your new body of light will never be extinguished. As the Bible states, you refer to this state as eternal life.

This spirit side or the state of in-between lives is where you go when you die in your lifetime. You may call this your recycling center. You will go back living on Earth in another life because of unfulfilled desires, karma that needs working out, and something that require your attention.

People return back to Earth when they are not yet done with their life lessons. There is no more reason for you to go back to living in this state when you find a way to raise your mind’s consciousness and the vibration and frequency of the body.

You transcend your life when you go back to the place that you feel eternally alive. This is the place you call home where you long for it yet are not aware of its existence. And you call this method of going home as past life regression hypnosis. Hypnosis helps you reach a place in your life that you are emotionally longing for.

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